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Oftentimes finding that type of information is urgent, yet many people don’t know where to turn to. For example – your relative has been arrested and the bail has been set. Using the information regarding the jail’s location, you can easily find out which bail bonds office is in the closest proximity, contact the bondsman, […]

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A Quick Look at The History of Bail Bonds

The business side of bail bonds, as we know it all across the country, originated in California 121 years ago. The very first bail bondsman company was founded by Peter P. McDonough in San Francisco in 1898. The very idea of paying bail for someone stems from an interesting reoccurrence – lawyers that were frequenting […]

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Definition of Bail Bonds

The goal of a bail bond: preventing abuse that may arise in the course of judicial appeal in such a case when the purpose of such an appeal is not related to the reason for the provision of bail. The definition of bail bonds can be described as follows: it is a written promise signed […]

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